"Rebel Magics"

by James Anderson Foster

Even a Pawn can change the Game...
A Vegas Arcana Novella
# Urban Fantasy
# Adventure
# Magic
# Occult
# Paranormal

Available in EPUB, MOBI, and PDF formats. Read on your Kindle, phone, tablet, computer and more

“Even a Pawn has the power to change the game…” Before I was “Dr. Eli Hawthorne, Deck Runner mentor” to our Las Vegas team, I was “Lord Hawthorne, Earl of House Valentine” in the heart Los Angeles… and this is how I got from there, to here. “REBEL MAGICS, a Vegas Arcana Novella” is a tale of courage, transformation, and the quest for freedom. It’s a story for anyone who has ever dared to break the chains of convention to forge a new path forward. Join Eli as he steps out of the shadows of tradition and into the light of rebellion, where the future of magic is rewritten. As well as the free novella ‘Rebel Magics,’ you can expect an irregular newsletter ‘Massively Irregular Missives’ from James Anderson Foster. Think of it as your all-access pass to the stuff you don’t usually see: the scenes that got axed, the stories that brew in the background, sneak peeks at new covers, and some subscriber-only goodies. Welcome aboard!